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There are many reasons why we may find ourselves considering accessing counselling support throughout our lives. You may, for example, be struggling with:

  • relationships

  • depression

  • confusing thoughts

  • anxiety

  • stress

  • the impact of a major life transition such a menopause, divorce, aging parents or children leaving home

  • the effects of past or recent trauma

  • grief for a loved one or other significant loss

  • questions around your unique identity and who you feel you are (and are not)  

On the other hand, you may feel in your gut that something is not right and that having a better understanding of yourself, your relationships and the impact of your environment would help you live a more fulfilled life.


I often find clients feel they need to give themselves permission to take this time for themselves, perhaps wondering if there are others who are more in need. However, I believe that in an ideal world we would all have access to the support, insight and opportunity to evolve that counselling can bring. There is no hierarchy of need, we all deserve to have a better understanding of ourselves and our struggles in order to effect the changes that are meaningful to our own lives.

Our time together begins with an assessment session where you can experience what it might be like to build a therapeutic relationship together and I can get to know more about you and what has brought you to counselling. We then agree an initial number of sessions and will meet at the same time each week. I offer short term (6-12 sessions), longer term (12-24 sessions) and open-ended work (24+ sessions) and each session is 50 minutes long. Sessions take place either in person at my office at Gander Down Barns, near Alresford, or online over Zoom.

I am an integrative counsellor, working from a person-centred perspective while incorporating psychodynamic theory and CBT principles where relevant. Navigating the different types of counselling available can be confusing and it can be hard to know what may best suit you. I offer a free 15-minute "Find out more" session via zoom for those who feel they would like to ask more questions before committing to an initial assessment session.

Please get it touch by email at

To find out more about counselling for young people, please click here.

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