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Youth Counselling 

Youth counselling:

I also offer counselling support to young people aged 12 and above. Due to age-specific considerations for 12-17 year olds, including safeguarding, I find it best to meet with the young person together with a parent/caregiver(s) initially, followed by some time in that session to find out more about the young person one-to-one. We are then able to agree safeguarding procedures and confidentiality considerations before moving on to a formal assessment session.


It is important that the young person feels they have a confidential, safe space to work together with me. However, at the same time counselling does not operate in isolation and so it is also important that there is an agreed understanding with parents/caregivers as to how the young person will be supported between sessions and in other areas of life.

As well as working in the ways described on my main Counselling page, I am also trained in using the DNA-V model. This is formed on the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). The purpose of DNA-V is to help people develop psychological strength in order to cope with challenges, stress and change. It involves exploring the three behaviours of Discoverer, Noticer and Advisor in order to build values and vitality. Where appropriate, I incorporate activities in my work with young people that are based upon this approach.


To find out more about counselling sessions in general, please click here. To make an enquiry about youth counselling, please email


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